Common Types of Designer Jobs


Common Types of Designer Jobs

A designer is a key part in a creative industry. With years of experience and dedication, he or she can create works of art that sparkle with ingenuity and imagination. The only way to understand this kind of work is to observe the process itself. A designer not only looks at his or her keyboard and types constantly; these people are also intensely aware of the latest trends in design, materials, color and so on. A designer can never be caught dead without a pen, notebook or computer. With elements such as typography, illustrations, photography and interior designs, a designer is always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to implement ideas into his or her creations.

When you take a quick glance at the designer’s desk, it would appear as though all of their efforts have been put into merely sitting on there. This is because designers range from architects, interior designers and painters to decorators, marketers and industrial designers. Almost every field imaginable has a designer who specializes in it. The designer’s skills are almost always exploited within the fields of architecture, interior design and art.

A designer’s professional life usually spans office work, the Internet, television, film, music videos, illustrations and graphic design. As it would turn out, each of these areas of specialization requires a huge amount of training and expertise. And just to briefly summarize what some of these specialists do:

Architectural designers deal with the visual aspect of buildings and homes. They work with the architect in designing the building and making sure it meets code. In addition, they often oversee the drafting of the architect’s plans and liaise with contractors to ensure that everything goes as planned. Meanwhile, an interior designer deals with furnishing and accessories to transform the space.

Graphic design artists create advertising, posters, logos, websites, packaging and product design. While this is the most visible area of designer careers, the term ‘graphic designer’ encompasses a range of specialists. Illustrators, web designers and prototypists all fall under the graphic designer umbrella. Then you have product designers, whose job it is to envision the end products – in terms of a brochure or sales pitch – and bring that vision to reality. Designers also include animators, 3D artists, film professionals and audio producers, among others.

It’s easy to see why designers are so important in society, and why so many different industries depend on them. Designers have a wide range of responsibilities and their skills can be applied in many different industries. But even though a designer’s job may be different, their skills and talents are often timeless. To learn more about the most common types of designers, why they are so valuable to industries and how you can benefit from their experience, check out the links below.